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Bronze Inkwell by “Barbedienne” Paris

France Circa 1880

D: 8″W x 4″D x 5″H

Beautiful Bronze Inkwell with “Love Birds” by “Barbedienne”. The F. Barbedienne Foundry, Paris was one of the few foundries to survive the Revolution and Financial Colapse of 1848 in France. This was achieved by actively pursuing contracts with many reputable sculptors of Paris such as David D’Angers and Jean-Baptiste Clesinger and many others. Ferdinand Barbedienne died on March 21 1891 and was mourned by many in the world of sculpture. It was said that he strove to the highest quality in his castings Albert Susse said of him that he was the “pride of the nation” and that that he “carried the splendor of our industry so loftily to all international competitions”. The foundry finally closed in 1952. This bronze is a wonderful example of his high quality and attention to detail.