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French First Renaissance Walnut Carved Wedding Chest

Europe  –  Circa 1530

39.5 in.H x 53 in.W x 29 in.D
100 cmH x 135 cmW x 74 cmD

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Exceptional and very rare wedding chest from the First Renaissance Period (1520/1530. The coffer itself is dovetails assembled and re-enforced by forged iron corners brackets. Single facade panel ornated by carved bust medallion for the newly-weds, Grotesques and Sphinges surrounded by Arabesques, Cornucopias, Vases and Gryphons. In its center a cartouche surmounting a mascaron.
Lock at clasp in forged iron.
It was probably made in the Loire Valley during Francois 1st Reign, the king who was instrumental in introducing the Italian Renaissance in France by attracting Leonardo da Vinci, Benvenuto Cellini and le Primatice in the country.

OF THE PERIOD: Renaissance
PERIOD: 16th Century
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Hand-Carved Walnut, Forged Iron
CONDITION: Excellent. The lid is split as seen in photos, happened a long time ago and is held together well by the Iron Brackets.
WEAR: Wear consistent with age and use. Minor structural damages. Minor fading.
39.5 in.H x 53 in.W x 29 in.D
100 cmH x 135 cmW x 74 cmD