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French Provencal Walnut Buffet a Glissant, 18th Century

France  –  Circa 1770

HEIGHT: 4 ft. 11 in. (150 cm)
WIDTH: 4 ft. 10 in. (147 cm)
DEPTH: 24 in. (61 cm)

Exceptional piece, a specialty only from Arles county in the heart of Provence, that has interesting construction particularities.Made of a fairly large “credence”(buffet in Provencal) on which rest a gradin ( tier) closing by two hand carved panels equipped with forged iron knobs that slides (Glissant in French) either side of a fix central box ( tabernacle in Provencal) with lock &key that’s open open by a rotating door attached by an hinge.This artful disposition was made to access to the tier storages without removing the decorative Ceramics or Pewters placed on the credence underneath.
The credence itself has a conforming top with moulded edge and opens by two drawers over two doors having oak leaves-symbol of force- and flowers hand carved “dormant” (casing attached to one door) in their center.Wrought iron handles on the drawers decorated by carved wheat on each side. Door panels with magnificent deep double carved moldings entirely “chantourne” and above the doors , in the center, a medallion having two flamed hearts in its center.Clear sign this magnificent piece was made for a wedding (traditionally the father of the Bride was offering a furniture to the new couple).On each side large wheat branches ,symbol of money for the home.
The Buffet rest atop a serpentine gorgeous apron having a “soupiere” (antique vase name in Arles) at center and olives tree branches on sides.Mounted on cabriole legs in front and bracket feet in back.
Art metal work has a predominant position on this piece as doors have important hinges and finely elaborated steel fixtures on every door, panel and drawer are beautiful.
This Buffet a Glissant is significantly more elegant, gracefully shaped and original than the classical two doors buffet.It is also much more rare. All assembly by mortise & tenons and wood pegs. No visible restoration made and all its original steel and forged iron work.
PERIOD: 1770-1779
CONDITION: Excellent
WEAR: Wear consistent with age and use
HEIGHT: 4 ft. 11 in. (150 cm)
WIDTH: 4 ft. 10 in. (147 cm)
DEPTH: 24 in. (61 cm)