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French six pieces opaline Service called “Verre d’eau”

France  –  Circa 1840

HEIGHT: 14 in. (36 cm)
DIAMETER: 12 in. (30 cm)

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Service “Verre d’eau” is the official name for this French tradition for most of the 19th Century to have a set laid out for Women in their bedroom on a commode marble or on the night stand.It has to be compose -in the same material and decor-of a tray,a large water carafe,a smaller orange-flower water (known for its sedative properties)carafe ,a sugar bowl and one or two glasses.
This superb Service is made of white opaline crystal glass and all pieces have been mouth blown or hand made ( tray,stems and stoppers).The pontil traces (under the pieces) have been ground and polished,sign of quality glass work..Each piece is ornated by gold filets and gold leaves in a decor of blue,white and red enamel dots figuring stylized flowers.
Stems of both glasses show traces of signatures and marks now illegible.
The dimensions are: tray diam. 11″,large carafe H 11″,small one H6″ ,glasse H 5″ and sugar bowl H 6″
Rare to find such a Service with all original pieces and none having a chip or a crack.
OF THE PERIOD: Louis Philippe
PERIOD: 19th Century
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Hand-Crafted Opaline Glass
CONDITION: Excellent
WEAR: Wear consistent with age and use
HEIGHT: 14 in. (36 cm)
DIAMETER: 12 in. (30 cm)