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L’Aveu Bronze Sculpture by Hippolyte Moreau

France Circa 1890

by Hippolyte Moreau

D: 27″H

L’Aveu, Bronze Sculpture by Hippolyte Moreau.

A young man is confessing his love to a young woman. Wonderful expressions on the faces and in body positions of him, open eyes & he wants to be convincing, and her with eyes looking down ,sort of shyness in attitude and gathering a flower may be to celebrate the event…
An incredibly well done sculpture on love.
Hippolyte-Francois Moreau (French 1836-1927) is the brother of Auguste Moreau and like him, was always trying to describe realist and graceful portraits of children or young persons .
Brown w/a hue of red patinated bronze, signed “Hipmoreau” on base .Brass plate in front says:”L’Aveu Salon des Beaux Arts ”
Foundry mark on verso “Societe des Bronzes De Paris”

CREATOR: Hippolyte Moreau (Designer)
MATERIALS: Patinated Bronze
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 27 in. (69 cm)