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Provencal Armchair

Circa 1940

D : 26”W x 20”D x 37”H

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One very pretty typical “Bonne Femme” armchair from  Provence, made out of walnut, and painted. This type of armchair is characterized by its spacious seat and wide-mouthed armrests which, instead of being in prolongation of the front feet, are set back from them, permitting women with a hoop dress to seat, hence the name. On the backrest, the small vertical bars represent a sheaf, symbolic of prosperity, as furniture was often given as wedding present in  Provence  . The top horizontal bar has a “Chapeau de Gendarme” shape and the 2 square profile posts are terminated at the top by an olive. Typical also of Provencal chairs, the seat frame is carved with “wolf teeth” on the 4 sides, the legs are turned and joined through a cross spacer. The frame and the rush seat are in perfect condition.



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