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Rare mid 18th Century French Long Case Clock

France  –  Circa 1750

94.5in.H x 19.5in.W x 13in.D
240cmH x 50cmW x 33cmD


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Both the case and the mechanism are from the Louis XV period. On the luxurious model of that period like this one, the dial is in molted brass with 24 enameled cartouches pieces – blue Roman and Arabic numerals – as the single enameled dial became available only after 1765. This brass dial was hand chased and ornamented with Louis XV profile, fleur de Lys and Dolphins. The pediment also express Royalty symbols as the “Coq” (rooster), “oisillons” (fledglings) and a Rocaille Sun. The two hands are made of hand cutted metal. The movement and its bell, according to the clock master, is also entirely mid 18th Century. The case is in cherry wood, entirely wood pegged, and is finely carved in front and on sides. Has an “oculus” (little opening) permitting to see the pendulum. Beautiful polished brass hinges and escutcheon. The top of the case is molded and has three glass doors. There is an inscription visible on the top cross piece, made by hand and with ink. We could decipher the 1st line “le cloaitier” but not the 2 other words, they are probably the name and address of the customer as maker’s signature for long case clocks started only in early 19th Century.

Of the Period of Louis XV
Place of Origin : France
Date of Manufacture : 1750
Period : Mid-18th Century
Materials and Techniques : Hand-Carved Cherry, Hand-Crafted Brass
Condition: Excellent. Excellent working condition.
Wear : Wear consistent with age and use