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French Antique Couch

France Circa 1920

27in.H x 53in.W x 24in.D

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This kind of couch is called “confident” in France. The concept is to joint together 2 seats in a S shaped couch. It permits for 2 people to seat next to each other but in an opposite direction. This one is in beech wood (the preferred wood for seats) and 14 turned columns are supporting the full backrest. Front feet are turned as well when the back feet are thinning down square feet. It has a padded and quilted upholstery with a synthetic python fabric on top. This vis-a-vis provides a very comfortable seating while permitting to be closer from the other person you are talking to, therefore the French name “confident”. This piece was made in Paris Circa 1920, beginning of Art Deco period.
France  –  Circa 1920
Early 20th Century
Excellent condition